Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dead Space

The past couple days, I've been thinking, "Hm, I haven't written anything on my blog for a while." And then I realized that I don't really have anything to write. Why? Because I've been spending the last week bumming around my house, just waiting to get back to Ozark. And that doesn't provide much material for thought or writing.

When I was in high school, I didn't have a problem just vegging out. It didn't bother me too much just sitting around watching TV for an entire day. In fact, that would have sounded like a danged good day. But I can't do that anymore. Maybe I've gotten too used to the constant busyness of Ozark, in addition to always having other people around. Camp teams this summer is much the same thing, where there's always something to do and someone to be around. And for the moment, all I have to do is watch swimmers doing the backstroke on TV while I enjoy the dull companionship of our cats.

In a couple months, I'm going to be in over my head with papers and tests and everything else that goes with life at Ozark. I'll be constantly stressed out and will want nothing more than to have a break to myself. But for now, that break is driving me crazy. Bring on the schoolwork, I say! As long as it comes with the Nertz and ping-pong and Chick-fil-A and volleyball and pizza and Carterville and raquetball and everything else that makes my life A-OK.

It really is good to get to spend some time with my family and friends in Topeka. But something I realized is that life in Topeka tends to revolve around meals. Just about all the time that I've spent with others has been either having lunch or dinner together. The space in between meals is just dead. In a sense, I wish I could just go to bed, wake up every once in a while to eat, but not really get up until Saturday. And someone else could do all my laundry and packing. Yeah, that'd be great. Just about 68 more hours till I leave. I'm sure you're all counting down along with me.


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sy said...

hey man, i love your blog and reading your thoughts. if i thought as much in a year as you do in a day, i may actually use 3 % of my brain capacity. dude, we need to hang out. peace!